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Transactions and development services offer the best support to drive sustainable development in your company and protect you from risks that could harm your business.

Knowing the environmental quality and performance of assets is key

Our sustainability experts and environmental site assessment specialists provide you with a complex and overarching service in the field of transaction and development support.

How transactions and development services can help your business

As part of our transactions and development service portfolio, Environmental Due Diligence and Environmental Site Assessment help you to identify hidden performance shortcomings, legal non-compliances, financial and business risks. It is essential to uncover them before investing in a merger process, acquisition or internal development. At the same time, you protect your company’s reputation.

Moreover, we provide support throughout the environmental permitting process of investments and facilities in various sectors such as industry, logistics, office buildings and residential projects. This includes professional support in the preparation of developments, climate risk assessment and mitigation, environmental risk assessment, waste optimization and optimization of wastewater treatment technology. Our transactions and development support services help you to oversee your overall corporate performance and take the next step to running your business in an environmentally friendly manner.

Sustainable buildings in the focus of your sustainability performance

Certification of green buildings (BREEAM, LEED) helps owners, but also developers and architects, to develop sustainable buildings that meet the requirements of both environmental and user-friendliness. These certifications can be adopted throughout the various phases of the building design work and project implementation. This includes the systematic consideration of the environmental, economic and socio-cultural dimensions as well as LEED and BREEAM sustainable building certifications.

How we support you

As the demand for sustainable business models grows, environmental impact assessment, as well as environmental site assessment, take a high priority. Sustainability also concerns your assets, such as buildings. For all these areas, we offer the right solution for you.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Stay on schedule, even for demanding projects:

Based on our experience in both domestic and international projects in various industrial sectors, we provide professional services in the preparation, permitting and support of projects where scheduling is a crucial element of the development and planning process.

We know the legal requirements you must comply with:

Our up-to-date knowledge about the relevant legislation and standards ensures high-quality service in supporting already operating facilities. If required, we can also provide support in the field of climate risk assessment and occupational and industrial safety.

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD)

Uncover your potential and stay compliant:

Identifying non-compliant practices and operations helps to improve environmental performance and reduces the risk of regulatory proceedings and fines against the company, assuring a good reputation.

Check the risks and get a basis for investment decisions:

Good environmental management practice has become a must. Investing in new assets requires a thorough survey of the target to shed light on hidden risks and associated costs to reveal the true cost of the asset before the investment decision is made.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Know the risks before you sign the contract:

The acquisition of new firms, projects and sites can lead to environmental risks, which can have very concrete material implications for your business and company value.

Evaluate the burden of environmental risks:

With our Environmental Site Assessment services, you receive detailed information on the environmental state of your sites and assets.

Sustainable building and green building certificates

Make sure your building project meets the requirements:

Our experts support you through different project phases to fulfil the requirements of different green building standards.

Find the gap and improve your sustainability performance:

The analysis of your assets helps you to identify the possible gaps in your overall sustainability performance and provides guidance on how to increase it.

Environmental planning

Get the best support throughout the environmental permitting process:

Permitting and planning involve assessing the expected environmental impacts of a planned development or an already existing facility.

Be on the safe side, also from a regulatory point of view:

Our work involves the proposal of mitigation measures as well as close cooperation with planners on the necessary interventions where appropriate, summarizing the expected impacts and then aiding the regulatory process. This includes IPPC, and EIA, as well as other environmental permitting procedures.

Further Services

Contaminated land

Optimize your remediation costs while complying with the legislation
According to the relevant legislation, contamination of the subsurface medium (soil/groundwater) must be reported to the regionally competent environmental authority. Depending on the degree of contamination and its environmental and human health effects, it may become necessary to remediate the contaminated area and eliminate the identified and delimited pollutants. Our contaminated land service helps you to discover what’s hidden from the eye and provides you with an understanding of associated costs and the true value of assets.

Hazardous building materials

Identify the risks when dealing with hazardous building materials
Before starting the acquisition, renovation or conversion of properties built before the 1990s, it is important to carry out a survey in order to identify the environmental, human health and financial risks. These can arise from hazardous building materials during the demolition/renovation work, and the resulting costs in order to determine the necessary environmental and health protection measures.

Monitoring and hydrogeology

Be conscious of the hydrodynamic changes your real estate development causes
In the case of real estate developments, in certain cases it is necessary to examine the hydrodynamic changes caused by the planned underground developments (especially with regard to multi-level underground garages) as an official requirement or as part of static compliance.

Feasibility study

Check how feasible your project is
What is feasible? Where do the boundaries of a project lie? Which opportunities and risks need to be considered? We assess the feasibility of your projects in terms of economic efficiency, resources and availability, technologies and time frames. Besides feasibility studies, we also carry out pre-feasibility studies that compare a range of technical options.
We support you in different stages of your processes and find a strategy that suits your company!


Frequently asked questions on transactions & development support

The more detailed the available data, the faster the environmental assessment of the installation can be carried out and the fewer questions the authorities may have. Additionally, we suggest requesting the “priority project” status.

For EIA and IPPC permits the requirements are similar in the EU (2011/92/EU & 2010/75/EU); however, there are differences in the practice of different local environmental authorities. Additionally, the detailed requirements with regard to air, noise and surface water and groundwater could be stricter. Therefore, consultation at an early stage of the project is suggested.

Certifying a building against a green building standard can lead to many benefits for you as a building owner. These include visibility of commitment, increasing sales and lease rates, better indoor environmental quality and a broader view of what a sustainable building is about.

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